Trump vs. Intelligence

What can I say?  The man has the world’s most powerful intelligence agencies at his disposal, but he apparently relies on Fox News and Breitbart, who tell him what he wants to hear.  Now he needs someone to back up his story that he has no connections to Russia, and he tries to strong-arm the Intel agencies that are investigating him. But then he wouldn’t know that,  because that doesn’t come up on Fox News, and he wouldn’t want to hear that anyway.

From the time he started receiving Intel briefings in November and his disdain for the agencies started to show, I have had to wonder if he is receiving his intelligence briefings from somewhere else. After all, if I were Putin, I would tell DJT not to trust US Intelligence agencies, that I could give him better info, and then I would tell him what he wants to hear (just as Trump is doing with his followers).

By the way, how is it that someone so skilled in manipulating an election is so lousy in administrating his office?  It’s almost like he had the guidance of someone well-experienced in manipulating elections…like the KGB. Hmmm.


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