The White House and the FBI

I have been reading the latest reports on the White House attempting to have the FBI back up their story that there is nothing to the media reports of  Trump-Russia connections.

If this is not a flagrant, ham-handed, amateurish attempt at a cover up, I don’t know what would be.  The White House is entering panic mode, because it’s trying to get DJT’s buddies to cover for him. Like a naive teenager caught scoring heroin from the local drug dealer, POTUS wants his friends to tell his parents that he was nowhere in the area at the time.

Of course, Trump turns to his pal Comey, who helped him beat out Hillary for president by reigniting old allegations about her e-mails.  But Comey won’t touch this, because it’s blatantly illegal, while resurrecting the e-mails was only dubiously unethical and he is already in uncomfortably deep hot water for that.


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