#Trump’s Aides and #Wiretapping

I was just now reading the CNN article “GOP Hill leaders back away from Trump on wiretap allegations” (which came out at 10:16 pm, March 7)  and I ran across this line:

“Nunes later hedged his comments and said that former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn may have been wiretapped and that Trump had raised “valid questions” about how his aides were listened in on.” [emphasis added]

It occurred to me that Trump is concerned about the alleged wiretapping of his aides, yet he is constantly furious about leaks coming from his office.

So either his aides’ communications are being intercepted or his aides are leaking the info–or his aides are leaking the information and blaming it on wiretaps.

A few days ago, there was a report about the aides’ iPhones being examined as a leak source…and probably every other form of communication came under intense scrutiny as well.  I haven’t heard any results of the investigation.  I assume it has come to naught so far.

There are probably thousands of ways to intercept communications, but probably one of the hardest to detect and control is face to face communications.   If one of Trump’s aides went straight from work to a newspaper, sure he could be followed and uncovered by investigators, but what if he went home that night and told his wife, who met the press the following morning in a dark parking garage a la Deep Throat of Watergate fame?  You see how this can play out.

So I am just wondering how much of this current tirade against Obama is really the result of Trump’s own aides covering their professional asses.


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