Well, Vladimir says…

To better understand #Trump,  preface each of his statements with “Well, Vladimir says…”

It has fascinated me for some time that most of his statements could be something Vladimir Putin says.   For example, where did Trump acquire his disdain for the US intelligence community?  Certainly not from personal experience.  Besides relying on his personal misconceptions and delusions, he apparently relies heavily on second-rate, alt-right propaganda and rumor mills such as Breitbart for his information instead of relying on the most high-tech and professional intelligence network that has ever existed on this planet.

In many cases, his statements seem to reflect what a foreign intelligence service, such as that of Russia, might say on the topic.  In light of the still hypothetical treasonous connections he and his staff have possibly had with the Russian government, it would be quite reasonable to believe Russia is feeding him what they want him to believe and the advice they want to give on how to run the country.

I would think the first thing a foreign intelligence service would want one of its puppets not to do is to trust his own intelligence services.  They would feed him disingenuous (i.e. superficially plausible) information on how his own agencies are outdated, which, according to CNN is what Sean Spicer reported today.

So, to get a good feel for where Trump is obtaining his background information on the policies and capabilities of his own nation, preface each of his statements as if he were responding to a question and ask yourself if the modified statement serves the best interest of the country.

For example, how does this hypothetical quotation sound: Trump stated, “Well, Vladimir says the systems at the CIA are outdated.”?


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