Sources: #Trump learned a lesson on dealmaking — A CNN Report #AHCA

What I find most interesting in this article is that it shows that Trump doesn’t have the slightest clue about how Washington works.  He browbeat the people who should have been his allies and treated them as if they were Russian prostitutes, ordering them to do what he needed to achieve his own goals without taking into account that he would have to work a deal with each one and find some common ground.  He shows himself to be a rank amateur who is not used to bargaining.  He acts like a Russian czar, which is not surprising as I suspect he may be receiving his advice from the one person he admires, Vladimir Putin, or from the one book Ivana has mentioned in an interview that he reads, which is a collection of the speeches of Adolph Hitler.

All in all, that Trump knows nothing about working with people, even with allies, is not surprising, given that during the campaign he seemed to alienate another demographic every time he opened his mouth.



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