A Larger Perspective:  Demand for voter rolls shows ugly truth about Trump’s voter fraud commission


I can’t help reading this article and thinking how this fits into a grander scheme. I am not a conspiracy theorist, mind you.  

Anyone planning an action like this has to think about the opposition they will receive.  This is not something done on the spur of the moment like a 3 a.m. tweet.   

That 27 states so far have opposed this should have surprised no one on the White House staff.  Any forward-thinking schemer will tailor the question to provide the answer he wants. 

Why would Trump want to be refused the data he requests?  

Now he can say that the states refusing to cooperate are hiding voter fraud.  

Twisted, isn’t it?  

The scary thing is what does he and the GOP have next up their sleeves?  

Gerrymandering, I suspect, was only the tip of the alt-right iceberg and likely engineered by Steve Bannon’s gang of neo-fascists.   


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