Fareed Zakaria on a Terribly Realistic Election Night Scenario

At your first opportunity, watch this video from CNN reporter and commentator Fareed Zakaria on a horrific but quite possible election scenario.

In short, Fareed, with statistics and facts from the most 2018 election cycle, shows that the initial vote tally on election night will probably show Trump as the winner by far, simply because the mail-in votes have not been completely counted. This is why elections are not usually officially called until way after election night. After all the mail-in votes are called, the tally will probably show Biden the winner by far. Of course, Trump will contest this and say only the votes counted by election night should be counted.  Of course, this will eventually go to the Supreme Court where Chief Justice John Roberts will have to break the tie between the justices. The entire election and presidency may come down to the opinion of one man.

I have watched Fareed on CNN for years and have found him to be exceptionally intelligent, well-spoken, and thoughtful with a carefully considered and realistic opinion on whatever the topic of the moment is.

This is a reason that everyone, if at all humanly possible, should vote in person by election night or earlier. As I noted in an earlier post, of the nine states that allow mail-in voting, most are blue or leaning blue according to the results of the 2018 election cycle. This is why Trump is fighting hard to discredit and limit mail-in voting. One of these states is California, with a critical number of electoral votes, which we all know is going to go for Biden. The easiest and most obvious solution to this is to vote in person before election night.

I will be voting on the first day my state allows early, in-person voting.

I think it would be a terrific sight to see Trump’s face on election night and it is called for Biden. Then he would undoubtedly dramatically change his opinion of mail-in voting and call for the mail-in votes to be counted too late .

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