The #Deplorables’ Social Crisis and the Rise of @realdonaldtrump

cropped-800px-uncle_sam_pointing_finger.jpgReading between the lines of the events of the last several years, the rise of  Donald J. Trump is understandable. That said, that does not mean that it is either permissible or to be forgiven.

The election of President Obama must have hit many traditionally-oriented and exceptionally conservative Americans like the shock wave from a nuclear blast.  A black man trounced a very traditional, conservative candidate that would have won in a landslide any other election of the last fifty years.  In the years to come that black man hit many of the conservative institutions hard and instituted liberal programs that must have grated on the nerves of every conservative in the nation, undoubtedly infuriating their corporate backers in the process and stimulating a seething racism that had long hidden in the shadows because it was politically incorrect.

Along with the new liberalism in the White House, President Obama not only permitted, but also encouraged social change that must have sickened his conservative enemies: gay rights, gay marriage, transgender rights, etc.  Along with other social events that occurred during the Obama administration, such as the transformation of Bruce Jenner into Caitlin Jenner, conservatives who believed in traditional American values such as might be seen re-runs of “Leave It to Beaver” or “The Andy Griffith Show” must have been in a state of shock and disbelief at what their beloved nation was turning into.

I can’t say that I blame them.  I was raised on the same values and treasure them still; I do have a strongly conservative streak in me.  Some of the events I have mentioned nauseated me as well.  However, I can see that change is the nature of the universe and that our country is going through a period of great social change whether any of us like it or not.  Therefore I gritted my teeth on occasion and toughed it out and I still do occasionally, knowing that, in accordance with our national values as expressed in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, all people should be treated equally and have the inalienable right to life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness.

Then Donald Trump slithered out of the reality-show world and into the political spotlight promising to make America great again, conjuring in the narrow minds of many conservatives visions of Mom; apple pie; saluting the flag on the 4th of July; ticker-tape parades in honor of returning astronauts; honorable, intelligent white men making up the government government; “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington”; and all the other pleasant memories of the past.  Living in the past is undoubtedly much more secure to the mind than facing an uncertain, kaleidoscopic future that is rapidly spinning and changing too fact to comprehend.  The conservatives applauded the idea of taking America back to the security of the 50’s and 60’s.

Of course there was another side of the 50’s and 60’s: the side of segregation, gays forced to live “in the closet” out of fear for their careers, lack of social programs to help people off drugs and alcohol, lack of disability rights, equal employment opportunity, environmental protection, McCarthyism, and so on.  Though not publicized, Trump’s vision apparently included a return to this side of the 50’s and 60’s as well, as evidenced by his rapid elimination of and attacks against agencies and offices that protect us from a return to the social dark ages. His supporters (most prominently the racists, ultra-nationalists, and alt-right extremists) perceived this and quickly embraced whatever policies would take them to their ideas of Valhalla.

Too bad that it was all lies and bullshit spread by a narcissistic demagogue backed with the insidious support of a foreign power that was the Satan incarnate of the times to which they longed to return, and who, apparently, wants to institute a new feudalism where the 1% have complete authoritarian control of the other 99%, who exist only to support their masters.

Many will probably never awake to the realization that they have been suckered.

Tragically, many won’t want to awake and will be like Joe Pantoliano’s character (Cypher) in the “Matrix”, who sold out his bothers in arms so that he could go back to his cocoon and live out his personal fantasy.  Trump, using the strategy of a dictator on the rise, has fostered these delusions as best he could by trying to discredit the media at every opportunity (which must be like the legendary crystal blue meth of “Breaking Bad” fame  to the conspiracy theorists in his camp), and replace the any tendency toward objective truth in their minds with his own delusional rantings.  This is like that smug guy in your office that tells you “ah, don’t listen to that crap; I’ll tell you what’s really going on”.  Except Trump tells his followers what they want to hear, so they have a greater tendency to believe him. After all, wouldn’t you tend to believe someone who tells you that you’re right, no matter how crazy or objectionable the rest of the world finds your statements. He supports their fantasies.  Using a theoretical “Matrix” scenario, it’s like Agent Smith saying, “come on back to the cocoon, Cypher, it’s warm and comfortable inside there and you can have whatever world you want and all you have to do is vote for me.”









#ImpeachTrump Before his Delusions Cost American Lives

Today, March 18, while at lunch, I read a couple of articles on Trump’s fabrications and falsehoods.  One was Leinz Valles’s article on Fareed Zakaria’a take on Trump’s bullshitting.  The other, by Frida Ghitis was on how Trump’s words are a national embarrassment and can cause us serious repercussions in international relations.  Both articles caused me to start thinking about international relations in the age of Trump.

It is well within the realm of possibility that Trump could send in the military to back up one of his lies/delusions, from which he does not back down.  Under the War Powers Act, the president can use the military without congressional approval for ninety days.  This act was created so that the military can respond quickly to an international crisis.

Let us use a hypothetical situation.

This weekend, Trump damaged relations with Britain by repeating an unfounded report from Fox News that Obama used the British equivalent of the National Security Agency (NSA), the Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ), to spy on Trump Tower during the election.  The British government immediately denied the allegation.   Trump then refused responsibility for the accusation by stating that he was just repeating what he heard on Fox News.

Let’s take that a step farther.

Let’s say that hypothetical Fox News commentator Dr. I.M. Shifabrenz states that he has documents that prove that Bermuda was conceded to the US as part of  Cornwallis’s surrender at Yorktown.  Trump, angered by Britain’s refusal to back up his new allegations that Obama is responsible for  9/11 and anxious to distract from new developments in Russiagate showing that he funneled Russian hookers to Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan, sends the Marines to occupy the island and transfer the inhabitants to Guantanamo Bay as terrorists.   Serious credibility problems arise when CNN uncovers that Dr. Shifabrenz’s degree is in parapsychology from the University of American Samoa and that Dr. Shifabrenz drew up the Cornwallis documents on Dukes of Hazzard stationary after having  a series of dreams involving a menage a trois with Cornwallis and Theresa May on a beach with six bottles of Barbadian rum and a hot tub.

Twelve of the Marines are killed by veterans of Britain’s Special Air Services (SAS), who happen to be vacationing on the island.

Britain vows to take back the island and begins rallying its military.  Trump refuses to back down.

This is not that far-fetched a scenario.  Trump has the power to do this.

Now, on a more serious note:

Meanwhile in the Pacific, NSA has intercepted communications between North Korean despot Kim Chong Un and the Chinese general staff indicating that North Korea plans to  invade South Korea within a month.

Now Trump wants to blockade North Korean ports and cut off all trade between it and the rest of the world.  He also wants to raise a coalition to repel a North Korean invasion. He announces to the world that he has NSA intercepts of North Korean communications that prove what is about to happen.

Who will join him?

With his tendency to refuse to back down, the odds are that he will send in US troops, even if he has support from no one else.

He also has the nuclear option at his disposal.  He probably won’t be afraid to resort to first use.

Will China and/or Russia attempt to intervene?  Will they retaliate if the US strikes first?

At the heart of all this: mindless bullshit from a self-centered demagogue put into power by one of his nation’s most long-standing enemies.

Scared yet?






Does the #GOP Meet the Definition of a Terrorist Group?

Here is one definition:

“act of terrorism, terrorism, terrorist act – the calculated use of violence (or the threat of violence) against civilians in order to attain goals that are political or religious or ideological in nature; this is done through intimidation or coercion or instilling fear.”  From The Free Dictionary

What do you think?


Well, Vladimir says…

To better understand #Trump,  preface each of his statements with “Well, Vladimir says…”

It has fascinated me for some time that most of his statements could be something Vladimir Putin says.   For example, where did Trump acquire his disdain for the US intelligence community?  Certainly not from personal experience.  Besides relying on his personal misconceptions and delusions, he apparently relies heavily on second-rate, alt-right propaganda and rumor mills such as Breitbart for his information instead of relying on the most high-tech and professional intelligence network that has ever existed on this planet.

In many cases, his statements seem to reflect what a foreign intelligence service, such as that of Russia, might say on the topic.  In light of the still hypothetical treasonous connections he and his staff have possibly had with the Russian government, it would be quite reasonable to believe Russia is feeding him what they want him to believe and the advice they want to give on how to run the country.

I would think the first thing a foreign intelligence service would want one of its puppets not to do is to trust his own intelligence services.  They would feed him disingenuous (i.e. superficially plausible) information on how his own agencies are outdated, which, according to CNN is what Sean Spicer reported today.

So, to get a good feel for where Trump is obtaining his background information on the policies and capabilities of his own nation, preface each of his statements as if he were responding to a question and ask yourself if the modified statement serves the best interest of the country.

For example, how does this hypothetical quotation sound: Trump stated, “Well, Vladimir says the systems at the CIA are outdated.”?

#Trump’s Aides and #Wiretapping

I was just now reading the CNN article “GOP Hill leaders back away from Trump on wiretap allegations” (which came out at 10:16 pm, March 7)  and I ran across this line:

“Nunes later hedged his comments and said that former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn may have been wiretapped and that Trump had raised “valid questions” about how his aides were listened in on.” [emphasis added]

It occurred to me that Trump is concerned about the alleged wiretapping of his aides, yet he is constantly furious about leaks coming from his office.

So either his aides’ communications are being intercepted or his aides are leaking the info–or his aides are leaking the information and blaming it on wiretaps.

A few days ago, there was a report about the aides’ iPhones being examined as a leak source…and probably every other form of communication came under intense scrutiny as well.  I haven’t heard any results of the investigation.  I assume it has come to naught so far.

There are probably thousands of ways to intercept communications, but probably one of the hardest to detect and control is face to face communications.   If one of Trump’s aides went straight from work to a newspaper, sure he could be followed and uncovered by investigators, but what if he went home that night and told his wife, who met the press the following morning in a dark parking garage a la Deep Throat of Watergate fame?  You see how this can play out.

So I am just wondering how much of this current tirade against Obama is really the result of Trump’s own aides covering their professional asses.

A Note in the Lobby

This is a nice story. I haven’t detected any deeper meaning or significance to it, but that is part of its charm. It’s a slice of life that is light-hearted and hopeful (the narrator is hoping to encounter the waifish girl again), making it a brief relief from the proverbial “daily grind” (an expression that seems more and more descriptive, accurate, and to the point as I age), which is of increasing importance in these stressful time.


by Jane Hertenstein

“It has come to our attention that certain residents are not curbing their dog.”

I don’t have a dog, but I do have a parakeet. So I wondered if this message was for me. After affixing my galoshes and screwing on my thermal gloves, I pushed out through the revolving doors. What does it mean to curb?

At the web design startup where I work, Carrie had a fit because someone (again) ate something out of her plastic tub in the lunchroom fridge. Not that her rant referred to me.

I was curious, so I asked her what she was missing. She glared at me. More like a scowl. Not sure the difference — only that I brushed crumbs out of my mustache and scurried back to my cubicle.

When I returned home after a long day at the office — okay, not that long, only about…

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White House Correspondents Dinner

There are a lot of theories as to why President Trump is not attending the White House Correspondents Dinner.  One of my favorites is that he cannot tolerate ridicule, which seem plausible given his obvious sensitivity on a wide range of issues.

It could also be that he simply has unspeakable contempt for the way in which the press has treated him, which, as far as I can determine, is accurately.

Maybe he simply fears that he will lose control of his actions and go off on a paranoid/delusional tirade and making a bigger ass of himself than he already has, with more political consequences than he and his legion of alt-right sycophants can psychologically tolerate.

It’s unsettling to think what that scenario might entail when one considers that the paranoid/delusional tirades he has been on so far, must have had some degree of self-control.

Zach Braff suggested Alec Baldwin stand in for him.  That’s a great idea.  Someone else suggested a blow-up doll.  If the heads of the Dinner don’t go for those, I suggest a bag of Chee-tos or an orange will do.  Maybe a Putin doll with an orange for a head.

If we can’t have a sitting president address the Correspondent’s Dinner, then how about a retired one?  Barack Obama has a lot of time on his hands these days.  That would be cool.  🙂

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