Seven Reasons to Vote Republicans Out (from the Washington Post)

From YouTube: (Inspired by Trump) Rogue’s Gallery of Most Impeachable Politicians


“Bribery, Corruption, Greed and Arrogance – in Period Costume. Which of these four historical politicians ( who aren’t Donald Trump) do you think is the most impeachable?” (quoted from the Rogue’s Gallery Channel)

I came across this video this morning. I watch this channel occasionally. It is a lot of fun and humor (for mature audiences) and usually creates videos about history’s most outlandish and despicable criminals and low-lifes. This particular video was inspired by the Trump’s impeachment in 2019, as you can see from the blurb above.

What I found most fascinating about this video is the similarity between Trump and Boss Tweed, the infamous and exceptionally corrupt politician in mid-nineteenth century New York City. Tweed is third of the four historical figures discussed, but all of them could have easily been an inspiration for Trump. Note the way Tweed maneuvers his way though the NYC worlds of politics and real estate and the similarities between those tactics and the Trump White House.

Check out this video and let me know what you think.

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William “Boss” Tweed
(pictured in 1870)