Update: April 23, 2021


I am updating the website shop, eliminating many anti-Trump items that had the date of the presidential election on them and bringing in items concerning current events. I will still be blogging occasionally, but much of the focus from now into the foreseeable future will be in merchandising items centered on the ever changing, volatile political climate. It looks like we have several contentious years ahead of us. We need to buckle down and continue the good fight.

April 27: Just a thought

Lincoln said, “…government of the people, by the people, and for the people.” Although they are people too, he did not say of the rich, by the rich, and for the rich.”

This democracy was founded on the concept that “all men [including women now] are created equal.” In theory, though not in practice, any bum has the same rights as Trump.

There are many more middle- and lower-classes voters than there are of the so-called upper class. The rich can use their money and power to influence the naive and foolish, but the rich are still only 1% of the population.

Everyone must get out and vote this November. Utilize the power of the 99%. Preserve our democracy. Don’t let this nation become an oligarchy (government by the few) or a plutocracy (government by the rich). This is what Trump, McConnell, and their ilk would make of this country in an instant.

You can stop them only if you and everyone you know votes.