Trump Must be Prosecuted for His Mishandling of the Coronavirus Crisis

Is Barr more or less crazy than Trump?

With DOJ becoming involved in defending Trump against rape accusations from over twenty years ago, I have to ask if Barr is more or less crazy than Trump. Another question I have to ask, playing devil’s advocate, is whether Trump put Barr up to this. It would not be out of character. Trump apparently wants to run the country like he runs one of his corporations, in which case it would be normal (I assume never having worked for a corporation) for the corporation’s attorneys to defend the CEO/owner/chairman. If this is the case, then this instance is just another example of Trump’s complete ignorance of and apathy toward how the US government works. Follow this link to see a discussion of this between CNN anchor Don Lemon and CNN legal analyst Elie Honig on this madness (“sheer lunacy” in Honig’s terms).