Update: October 20, 2022 Eastman Emails


As we head into midterms, I hope to publish a little more often than I have been. As you know, I usually post to Twitter, simply because most of the stuff I write is off the top of my head as I go through the news and posting to the website takes a little longer.

The only comment I will make today about the political status of the nation is that each day Trump is getting a little closer a little faster each day to his inevitable bevy of indictments. Today, a judge ordered John Eastman to turn over 33 emails exempt from attorney-client privilege to the Jan. 6 committee. If they are exempt from A/C privilege, they are evidence of a crime. George Conway is already calling them a smoking gun. There is bad news for Trump on every front.

What I am waiting for particularly, is when Trump starts spilling his guts on his crimes and everyone around him. It’s as inevitable as his indictments. He is all about saving his own butt. He throws people loyal to him under the bus at the mere suggestion that he might run afoul of the law. He is looking at several decades in prison. He will die in prison unless he gives up some really big names, which he undoubtedly can and will. He is loyal to no one but himself.

Trump Must be Prosecuted for His Mishandling of the Coronavirus Crisis


From Twitter: They All Knew


Let no one deceive you, Ted Cruz, Susan Collins, Rand Paul, Glenn Beck, and many others in the GOP knew what Trump was when they override common sense and decency to support him in 2016 and betrayed their country in the process. What did they gain from Trump that was so valuable? Now they fight viciously to support him and to lie for him as well as blindly supporting his lies. They will not stand up for what they know to be right and they will not stand against something they not only know is wrong but admittedly hate and despise so long as it gains them something. They stain the Senate and Congress with their detestable, conniving presence. VOTE THEM ALL OUT COME NOVEMBER 3! We do not need people in the Senate or in the House who are this craven and spineless.

Democratic donkey urging people to vote



Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexel: African-American woman wearing a mask.

Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels