Mary Trump Speaks about Her Uncle Donald

This is from this past summer, but it’s worth reviewing when you vote on November 3.

Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexel: African-American woman wearing a mask.

Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels

Glenn Kirschner on the FBI’s Public Service Announcement on Voting


Everyone should watch this. It’s rather uplifting. Glenn Kirschner, former prosecutor at DOJ, talks about how futile it is for Trump to talk as if he can order federal judges to give the election to him on election night. This is a good takedown of Trump and his insidious efforts to overrule the election and establish a dictatorship.



Do The R’s See How the Current is Flowing?

My Sundays: a Mixture of Dread and Anticipation

eagleSundays are a mix of feelings for me.

1) I don’t look forward to returning to work on Monday. I have a good job that is easy enough in the least, but I do like doing what I want when I want over the weekends and sculpting my life ahead.

2) I’m curious about what new fiascos Trump has created for himself that will be revealed on Monday. 

3) I dread finding out what new horrors Trump has in mind for the nation. Being apathetic and lethargic, Trump would rather golf over the weekends instead of working, which would stir up more national crises. Thank God, Trump’s weekend indolence gives the public a short break from his madness. Unfortunately, when his new crises hit, they are increasingly worrisome for the country. His apparent plan of ramping up national conflict and confusion the closer we come to November 3 means Mondays bring new levels of disasters and criminality unseen in this country in many decades. 

4) I relish seeing what fools Trump zealots have made of themselves on Sunday morning news shows. The Sunday morning talk shows are filled with abundant opportunities for Trump’s legion of high-powered adherents to defend his increasingly insane politics, actions, and statements. Inevitably, they end up looking like the fools they are. In a way this is good for the Democratic cause, because we get to see who the most fanatical or most subservient to Trump are, so that we can hold them accountable during the election or whenever they come up for re-election. Those who are appointed to their positions, I hope will be prosecuted or their careers otherwise ended after Biden takes office. We cannot allow any of this gang of self-serving, would-be authoritarians to escape justice in whatever form it presents itself.

Eight of the Nine States That Primarily Vote by Mail are Blue

Screaming eagleI saw this article on CNN this morning that says which states are primarily mail-in voting only, in which voters have to request a mail-in ballot, and which require an excuse to get a mail-in vote. I checked this against which states were Blue vs. Red in 2016 and which are safely Blue vs. safely red or leaning one way or the other.

Perhaps not surprisingly, eight (WA, OR, CA, NV, CO, HI, VT, NJ) of the nine states that are primarily mail-in voting, voted blue in 2016 (UT was red). Of these six are considered safely blue currently, one is likely blue (CO), and one is leaning blue (UT). Note these are states. DC is also primarily mail-in voting, voted blue in 2016, and is safely blue in 2020.

So, it’s not surprising that Trump is vehemently against mail-in voting. If he can negate or severely restrict that, he can win.

This makes it imperative that everyone vote in person and not leave their ballot up to the good graces of the USPS, which is now run by Louis DeJoy, a major donor to Trump.

States and Mail-In Voting as of September 2020

States and Mail-In Voting as of September 2020 (from CNN)


Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexel: African-American woman wearing a mask.

Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels